The LiveSuccessFull Way

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Everyone in the world wants to find their own kind of success, but how many people really are SuccessFull, living their life completely filled with success and happiness? I know that those people exist, but I’m definitely not one of them—at least not yet! That’s why I am writing this blog. I am not successful, nor am I SuccessFull. But, with a positive mindset and the right guiding principles, I know that I can get there. Along the way, I want to document every step. If I make it, then I want to have this path mapped out behind me so anyone can follow! How many millionaires, entrepreneurs, and heroes have documented their success in retrospect. Well… all of them! I hope this blog will be the first live walkthrough of how to discover and follow the path to success.

I am not some wise master looking back on my past, erasing my mistakes and pretending that I had it all planned out from the start. I am here, live, definitively un-SuccessFull, and I am not sure how to get there, but I truly believe that I will. I can’t promise that everything will work out for me; that would defeat the whole purpose. But, if you read on, I hope that you can take the best of my experiences, learn from my mistakes, and apply the same ideas to find your path to success.

My first LiveSuccessFull mantra: The path to success is out there, and I can find it!

Live SuccessFull-ly,